Sex and Human Trafficking

For starters, how WEIRD is it that “trafficking” is spelled like it is…just seems awkward to me.  But on a second (and much more important) note, how crazy-wonderful it is to see an advertisement about human trafficking in an airport, above the escalators at the parking garage, for all to see. Thank you, OHare and the Blue Campaign for raising awareness of this degrading and all-too-common issue.

It’s time to make it stop, and to release women and children who are victims and have nowhere to go for help. They deserve better. They are loved and valued, and trafficking doesn’t just eat at their bodies-it eats at their souls and hearts. Let’s help them. Please. Can you imagine being a toddler, and being sexually abused/raped? That’s when it often starts, and those children grow up, thinking that it’s normal. We even hear reports of them being kept in cages and taken out only to “serve” buyers in a sexual fashion.  THEY ARE HUMAN, and children…they deserve to make their own choices and not be slaves.  Let’s help all be free-young and old….



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