Wedding- Wisdom Rocks!

I’ve been enjoying finding variations of the no-longer-traditional guest books out there. I am getting married in three days and I decided to step it up in regards to the guest book.

I liked several options. However Bill (fiancé) and I love the beach so the ones with rocks involved appealed the most to me. I came up with my own version, however.

I want my guests to write wisdom on black rocks. We are using silver sharpies (need to buy ultra thin tomorrow). I’ve posted a note on Facebook and invited those who can’t come to the wedding to post their wisdom-and I am writing on their rock for them.

When the rocks are all done I will spray them with adhesive (I chose black rocks and seems stuff does rub off somewhat). And then, instead of the standard jar storage, I would like to create a piece of art. It will likely include mosaic as well. I’m not sure yet whether it will be in a deep frame, wall-mountable, a tabletop or what-but I will keep you updated.








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