The personal in social marketing

As many of you know, I am a Twitter addict. However, the power of Twitter revealed itself to me this week in a very personal manner. I was traveling and enjoying some time exploring a beach I had never been to with friends when my purse was taken from me.

My friends and I had walked two blocks before I noticed that although my camera was still dangling from my wrist, my purse was nowhere to be found. It was a ridiculous next couple of hours (and quite unnerving) to try and get a hold of my small town bank to get my cards cancelled (never happened in spite of dialing branch number, VISA center AND the number on the back of my cards). I was supposed to fly out the next morning and had no additional documents with me to prove my identity.

My friends and I walked back down to the pier where we had been walking and there was my purse, leaned up against a pillar. Inside were cosmetics. Gone was my entire stash of cash, credit/debit cards and driver’s license.

I called TSA that night. “If at all possible have someone at home fax you your birth certificate,” they said. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. “Then provide what you have and arrive at least two hours early for extensive search”, they answered. I did have one credit card that I had not yet activated-thinking about the search, however, did nothing to improve my night. I, of course, tweeted and facebooked my plight.

The next day when playing tourist, I checked Twitter on my phone, although I’m not sure why. And there in my reply box was a tweet from someone who found me on Twitter, after finding an abandoned stack with my ID and credit cards a mile or so from where it was taken. Wow! I knew it wasn’t a scam because I had not tweeted about my location this weekend.

The next day we picked up my things from a kind couple who found them. The cash, of course, was gone but I was incredibly relieved to get my ID back, and my cards. They said that although that beach is a high-class area, there has recently been a rash of thievery there. They had found other purses and backpacks and her son (who works at a local restaurant) says that women’s purses are disappearing from there much of the time.

All I know is this-those thieves are clever. I never set my purse down and I also kept it right in front of me while walking. It drives me crazy that I can’t figure out specifically where and how they got it. But I am greatly relieved to both Twitter, and my purse rescuers, who made the reunion possible.

2 thoughts on “The personal in social marketing

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  2. Thank goodness for Twitter! That’s awesome that you were able to get those back through social networking. I had my wallet stolen before and never found it… should have through to use Twitter. I hope that doesn’t happen again, but I am now prepared if it does.

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