Social Marketing at the 53rd Annual Grammys

Although I didn’t see the Grammy Award show and advertisers implement as much social marketing during the awards show that I would have liked (would have loved to see a live Twitter feed on a screen there, for instance), there were cases before the show and during the show where  conversation was taken into consideration:

Jon Bon Jovi courtesy

Jon Bon Jovi courtesy

BON JOVI– One of the most obvious social options that stood out was Bon Jovi’s decision to give the listeners the driver’s seat for the evening. Early in the broadcast, hosts announced that listeners should go to a website to vote for their fave Bon Jovi song. Viewers chose between three songs that had already been voted into the finals throughout the week before the Grammys. The winning song, “Livin’ on a Prayer“, was performed later in the broadcast.

CBS RADIO– Before the broadcast, CBS radio and Mashable reported that CBS had developed a streaming Internet radio station featuring Grammy-nominated singers and even a DJ to chat up the awards.

GRAMMY WEBSITE– Visiting Grammy allows fans to view/share videos and publicity shots of the celebs. In addition, the site pulls in blogs about the Grammys and their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Representatives from the show did facebook throughout the East Coast broadcast and there were a few tweets after the festivities as well. The site also included a Poll for viewers to vote on what they loved best about the broadcast.

WE’RE ALL FANS– Of course, there was the social site that was launched before the Grammys, We’re All Fans. The site allows fans to see some very fast social conversation (unsure if it was real time or not) about each nominated artist and hear their songs. In addition, fans could set up their own portrait through the site and share the site on their fave social sites. As a consumer, I found this site to be a little confusing and wondered about the purpose of it.

LINCOLN-The only Grammy advertiser that I saw who offered social marketing integration was Lincoln (I wasn’t glued to the TV and may have missed others. If so, please comment). During a commercial, they announced that their viewership will choose the band to play the next soundtrack for a Lincoln commercial. By visiting Lincoln, viewers can vote for the bad that they like the best.

Paris and Prince Jackson

Paris and Prince Jackson courtesy

MICHAEL JACKSON- Considering that Michael Jackson was the top person who trended on Twitter for 2009, I was surprised that his tribute didn’t trend tonight on Twitter (at least it didn’t on the West Coast). I suspect part of it was that the at-home audience felt a bit left out with the 3D components. Although some mentioned that there was a Target television commercial encouraging all to get 3D glasses, most I heard from had not heard of the need for them and therefore didn’t experience the full beauty of the tribute. Social marketing is just like any other marketing-if you require the consumer to put too much energy or time into preparing to hear your message, the message will be quickly lost.

Anyone else pick up on any Grammy social components that I missed? Please feel free to add them into the comments.

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