Twitter Lists

Those of you on Twitter recently saw the addition of “Lists”. And although there was of course a learning curve and a little confusion at first, lists have now become a great way to organize your followers. Being listed has also become (alas) somewhat of a status symbol.

Why a status symbol? Well, when a follower has listed you it means that they want to be able to easily find your tweets. When they click on the list that they’ve made, it brings up all the tweets of everyone that they have placed on their list.

Other people also have the ability to follow that entire list. So if you want to follow people in the auto racing industry, for instance, you can easily find lists where people have already organized their racing peeps and follow that whole list under your account. This will save you a ton of time.

It also means that they have categorized you. Of course, that can be good or bad. Yesterday I realized that one of the lists that I am on is called “sort later”. Someone is procrastinating-and for once it’s not me.

You will see that some of the top dogs on Twitter (such as Guy Kawasaki, founder of All Top) are listed many, many times (Guy’s count is at over 9,000 lists). New Marketing guru, Chris Brogan, is listed over 4,000 times.

As you grow in relevance on Twitter, you will be listed more. And to do this, I recommend that you are genuine, that you interact with peeps and that you tweet information that is informative to your followers. And-don’t forget to make your own lists. Peeps will see that they are there and appreciate it.

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