Cannon Beach Farmer’s Market Welcomes Good Morning America

GMA producer on the right and Julie on the left

GMA producer on the right and Julie on the left

Today we welcomed a Good Morning America Weekend team to the Cannon Beach Farmer’s Market. The producer was extremely complimentary about our little town and was enthused to discover that we are very friendly folk. She said, “and I don’t think it’s even because we are with Good Morning America!” It was quite funny as we reassured her that here on the Oregon Coast, we are truly genuine and friendly people.

Off course, I tweeted all about the experience and my followers enjoyed hearing about the farmer’s market and the visit.

In addition to the Farmer’s Market, the camera crew and Producer visited Haystack Rock (extremely low tide today), Indian Beach (great for surfing) and Ecola State Park. They also visited with local artist, Richard Gorsuch. They said they were able to get great footage of Haystack Rock in particular.

We will keep you updated to let you know when the segment will air.

Thanks Good Morning America Weekend for the visit! Hope you truly enjoyed your time here.

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