Marc Warnke: Family-First Entrepreneurship

marc-famileTwitter friend, Marc Warnke, contacted me this morning and asked me to help spread the word about a new post on his blog. The post is called “How I Grow Relationships on Twitter” and agrees with my Twitter philosophy of relationship building as opposed to direct sales on social marketing sites.

I was initially drawn to befriend Marc on Twitter because of his “family first” philosophy. But I have also learned since that there is much more to him than that. He has a passion for the “right things” in life and I will support that as much as I can.

Here are some of the things that Marc does right (I’m sure there are many more but these are ones that I know of and that stand out to me):

  1. Although he is making a splash, in particular on Twitter, he is humble. His response to me when I asked if I could borrow a picture and post about him was “I am honored and humbled”.  Now, if you haven’t guessed, those are absolute magic words because they show not only humility-but they show that Marc sees value in the person asking. This is also something I see other truly great peeps on Twitter doing. (I don’t mean the ones who think they are great!)
  2. Marc is real on Twitter and in his communication with other people. He is authentic and helpful to people. He logs on, I suspect, to be a resource-and he fulfills that not only by helping peeps and answering questions-but by following up with them to make sure their question was answered. Many of us try to be a resource-but how many of us actually follow up? Follow up also shows someone that they are valued.
  3. Marc has CHOSEN to be a Family First Entrepreneur and he has put a name to what many of us have agreed with for ages: there must be a commitment to put family before business. Family is at the root for many of us and those geared toward business-first often lose their families in the process. Someday, those people will realize that the trade-off was not worth it. You don’t have to be that person if you make the right choices now. When you are lying on your deathbed only two things will matter (your spirituality and your relationship with those you are leaving behind).

Marc is a speaker, life coach and an author of the book, “Options not Obligations“. And although I don’t normally feature people on my blog, he is truly making a difference and worthy of note.

View Marc speaking here:

2 thoughts on “Marc Warnke: Family-First Entrepreneurship

  1. Thanks so much for the nice things you said. I feel excited for the family first entrepreneurial movement. It takes people like you to help spread the word. On behalf of my family, I thank you.

  2. Julie – Thanks for sharing with us about Marc’s work… Great stuff! “Family first entrepreneurism” is a good balance to strike that we’re all working for! The kids grow so fast — and time keeps barreling along for all of us… -Martha

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