Increasing Traffic to Your Blog with Twitter

twitter-27I received a few questions on Twitter tonight on gaining blog traffic. One person stated that she uses Twitter to post about individual blog posts but when I looked back on her tweets, I didn’t see any. So I asked her how she worded it. She replied that the last tweet for a giveaway blog post said, “Don’t miss out on a Homemade Custom Scrapbook” and gave the URL.

So we spent some time chatting about “selling” and what that means. You see, even if posting a link to your blog, you essentially still need to sell that link. You must give people a reason to click over or they simply…won’t.

We talked a little about the features of the scrapbook and she soon saw that:

  1. Wording it as she did made it seem like SHE had made a home-made scrapbook to give out. (Not a bad thing-but not the best way to get the most clicks)
  2. She missed a vital opportunity to include the brand name of the scrapbook-which in my eyes would have for sure increased the clicks.
  3. Also missed was a key point. The scrapbook was FREE to one reader. No purchase necessary.

This wasn’t a homemade scrapbook from the blog owner–it was from a major brand name, fully customizable, and free to one reader of the blog.  Had those things been mentioned, I am sure she would have received more clicks to the blog for her giveaway.

One of my recent business columns talked about features versus benefits in sales and how it is important to talk about the benefit of the product to the customer as opposed to a feature. A feature is a good characteristic of the product (for instance: name of the brand) and the benefit is how that will benefit the customer (for instance: this brand is will last forever).

Although this remains true in most sales, it is tough with the 140 character limit of Twitter to list the benefits of a product to a customer. Features must sometimes suffice. You will find, however, that features will equal more clicks if you have an audience interested in those features versus not mentioning any features at all.

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