Update on Katy-Homeless but Writing

homeless6There are lots of updates to give you tonight and yes, I know that  I need to back to marketing topics. I promise that I will soon.

I found out tonight that another almost-homeless family who ran from an abusive situation was helped via Twitter and blogs, just like Katy and Liz were helped. Read Daniela’s story. It’s very exciting to see social marketing at work for great causes such as these. Via Twitter, I have also come to know Mark, who has been a long-time advocate for the homeless. Unfortunately, he was laid off from his job and is about to become homeless again. Mark has some really worthwhile video interviews of people who are homeless or mobile-homeless (living in a vehicle) that I found really inspiring so I hope that you will check them out. Follow Mark on Twitter.

Now, a Katy and Liz update:

JOBBrandilyn’s friend Rick has been helping out with job prep and leads for Liz. He reported today that she will be meeting with him and two other veteran interviewers on Monday for practice interviews/help sessions.  In addition, he has personally sent out her resume to his contacts and has a few people interested.

HOUSING– Katy and Liz have a lead on a one-bedroom apartment via EHC Lifebuilders. They will be going to view it on Tuesday and Katy is really excited about the opportunity. In the meantime, they are still living at a hotel on donated funds.

CHILDREN’S BOOK (Katy)- The author interested in hiring Katy for book illustrations is still interested and is working through the process of consulting with her attorney, etc. about legal agreements in regards to this.

FINANCES– We cannot report specifically on numbers, as we have transferred the method of donations to an account under Liz’s name. However, Katy reported on her blog today that they are very grateful for the donations and are writing back thank-you cards to those mailing donations in. As a reminder, you can donate via Paypal to hugheselizabeth (@) rocketmail (dot) com or mail to: Elizabeth Hughes, P.O. Box 111525, Campbell, CA 95011.

LOCAL SUPPORT– We have obtained a local team to help them more with everyday needs. Thanks SO much, Silicon Valley Young Life.

SCHOOLING– Katy is homeschooled and meets with her instructor regularly. However, due to all the life changes she is behind on her schoolwork. They are working to catch up on what is needed. (Mentioning this because many have asked about Katy’s schooling).

MEDIA– We are still contacting media on the behalf of Katy and Liz. Good Morning America expressed an interest as you know but we are still awaiting details. Brandilyn says, “Yesterday local ABC reporter Katrina Rusk emailed Katy to see how she’s doing. Katrina wants to do a follow-up news story on Katy and Liz.”

HOW YOU CAN HELP– Join the Letters of Love campaign for Katy and Liz. Follow @lettersoflove on Twitter. Also retweet and blog about this situation. Let’s continue to help until they are back on their feet.

Thanks everyone for your heartfelt and genuine care of these two! I’m super-duper impresssed!

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