Good Morning America & Homeless Teen Katy


Well, this morning brings the great news that Good Morning America is requesting an interview with Katy and her mom, Liz.

Here is another update from Brandilyn on the finances:

“I have received more Paypal donations today. These funds will go to Liz and Katy tomorrow. Thanks especially to those of you who don’t know me for trusting me with your donations. Every penny is going to Katy and Liz–no Paypal fees have been taken out. I have personally emailed every one who sent a Paypal donation. If you didn’t receive your email, please check your spam folder.”

To donate, send funds via Paypal to hugheselizabeth (@)


rocketmail (dot) com or mail to them to: Elizabeth Hughes, P.O. Box 111525, Campbell, CA 95011

Katy is also getting interest in her art. Someone has offered to design a website and one blog is even offering an auction on Katy and Liz’s behalf.

Brandilyn has more information on her site about Katy’s schooling and why Katy and Liz need to stay in the area, in case you are wondering (I wondered).

katy-dogsHere are some other links about the story that we have found:

Flutterbean, The Unknown Highway, SpaghettiPie,

Roseslife (@kikarose), ABC BLOG, ABC VIDEO, NBC

And to keep up on Twitter, we are trying to use the hastag #katy. You can search for that hastag with search or enter it as a room on Tweetchat.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning America & Homeless Teen Katy

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of Katy and Liz.. I think it’s amazing what you and others have done for them! Praise God for good people like you, this whole story is so encouraging.

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