Homeless Girl is a Writer & Needs Our Help

homelessIt has come to my attention through a friend, Brandilyn Collins (@brandilyn) that a teen girl and her mom in Campbell, California have become homeless through no fault of their own and are living in their car. Katy (teen) is blogging about the experience using Wi-Fi in public places as available.

As of this writing, Brandilyn has garnished some donations through her Paypal account and is forwarding the money to them so that they can get a hotel room for  a night or two.

Both mom (Elizabeth) and Katy have medical issues and Elizabeth was laid off in 2004. She has not been able to find a job since.

In case you are wondering-yes, in my professional opinion, Katy shows great maturity in her writing for age 16. Someday she will write more I am sure-if we can get them through this rough patch.

Normally I don’t mention things like this on my blog, as you know. But this one is verified, as my friend Brandilyn is as honest as gold, and this mom and daughter seriously need some help. My kids are scraping together their change and leftover Christmas money to send and I hope that you will too.

Your pingbacks on this post, mentions on Twitter, etc are deeply appreciated.

Together, we can make a difference.

To donate, please send money via paypal to: brandilyn@brandilyncollins.com

UPDATE: Katy is now on Twitter. Follow her here.

UPDATE 12/31- A friend from Twitter, @kikarose, met up with Katy and Elizabeth and provided them with hotel money for last night and possibly tonight too. Thank you, @kikarose! In addition,  a news station contacted me today asking how to get a hold of them.  Stay tuned and thank you for reading. Please consider sending a few dollars if you can. Even with a hotel room last night and tonight, they still need to eat.

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