Motrin Ad Update

courtesy of motrin

courtesy of motrin

Have you seen the new Motrin print ad? It ran in this month’s “Family Circle”. It does not focus on babywearing pain this time, but it does focus on mommy pain.

Here is what is says:

Every day I feel the glare of my co-workers as I leave the office at 4:59 on the dot. But hey, it’s not like I’m getting a manicure. No, I’m off to my real job. My mom job. Soon, I’ll be bent over; picking up thousands of toys and swinging my kids around endlessly. It takes a lot out of me, but it’s fun. Until they projectile vomit. Then it’s not so fun.”

I’m curious about your thoughts and will wait to post mine until I hear more from you.

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4 thoughts on “Motrin Ad Update

  1. I can’t get too excited about any campaign that mentions vomit. Plus – are they really going to endear themselves to moms when they call mothering ‘mom job’? And finally, I wish my kids had had thousands of toys. Wow! They would have been too busy to get into trouble.

    I will agree that being a mom sometimes takes a lot out of you physcially, but it’s all worth it.

  2. I find it interesting to note the differences between the two ads. Both were focused on mommy pain but apparently it is only the babywearing that created such a reaction. Pain from “swinging the kids around” does not. More thoughts, anyone?

  3. Don’t love the idea of the mom who leaves at 4:59. I’m a WAHM, but I know some career-minded moms and they aren’t watching the clock, they are good employees who focus on their work and are as committed as their co-workers.

    The whole thing is worded awkwardly.

    But, yeah, swinging kids around can cause back pain. More so than babywearing.

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