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My apologies for not posting more. This month has been busy. I just now got my new laptop and am reinstalling just about every program known to man. In addition, I still have back-up files that I can’t get to. Last week, a downed tree on my neighbor’s property took out two power poles and I wasn’t allowed in my house due to downed lines. Two days ago, the Northwest went into an artic freeze-even here on the coast. We have wonderful snow but temps at times into the teens and speaking of teens, my two (along with their little bro) have been out of school due to the weather. I am behind on my to-do list.


Merchants in my small city have hired a PR firm to increase visitor numbers during the cooler months. We are a coastal town and highly dependent on tourism. However, it rains a great deal off-season and last year, we had a six day stretch with no power, land lines or cell phone reception due to hurricane force winds. No matter how friendly we the people are-we can’t make the sun shine when it doesn’t want to and hence the problem of reduced visitors.


Tonight I asked Twitter followers what they thought of cities hiring PR firms to increase tourism and all who responded said that it was a good idea.


Specifically, some of the responses were:


@bizownersonline said that it is absolutely brilliant and that cities should also hire social media peeps. He calls it an old-school style.


@BJMendelson said that he is OK with it as long as people who are paying for it (taxpayers if indeed they are hired by the city) are informed and it isn’t too pricey.


@justwemoms doesn’t see a problem with it. In fact, she notes that some cities truly have “gems” within and PR can help bring light to them.


@Adrigonzo reports that SF has the 2nd highest rent in US and HUGE retail/service sector and are hurting. SF needs good PR.


So what about you? Please comment and give your opinion on this great topic.


Next Time: Should marketing campaigns for cities differ than campaigns for businesses?

6 thoughts on “PR for Cities

  1. Absolutely! Why not? Tourism dollars keep some cities going, so why not attract tourists through PR campaigns? Even if it’s coming from tax dollars–you have to spend money to make money, especially in hard times.

  2. I think it’s appropriate as long as the city has something to brag about.

    The main thing PR focuses on is differentiation. If your city truly is different, PR can help that; I think Cannon Beach is a good example of that. not only do they have the house from the Goonies, they also have Haystack Rock, something everyone should see at a point in their lives.

  3. I experienced a similar problem. When I bought my iPhone, I first checked with Got Reception. It’s a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur BEFORE you lock yourself with a specific carrier.

  4. What determines a city as “different” and therefore worthy of PR? Doesn’t most every city have unique selling points that can increase tourism or occupancy?

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