Creative Marketing: Mommy Daddy Blog

mommydaddyblogHere’s a shout-out to Sheena and Greg from Mommy Daddy Blog. They implement some unique marketing into their giveaways. Sheena was recently chosen as one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms and the blog is well-regarded as one of the top giveaway blogs.

Recently Mommy Daddy Blog participated in a blog tour for a book organized by my company and their post surprised me-in a good way. Sheena implemented the book (about a couple who travels in an RV) into a post of various travel giveaways. What was extremely unique is that Sheena videotaped herself and her young son demonstrating the use of the products.

Bloggers often have visitors comment as a way to enter a contest to win the prize and this benefits the blog by bringing additional traffic and developing a readership.

But Sheena and Greg take it a few steps further. They ask people to enter the contest by visiting the sponsor’s site, and returning to Mommy Daddy Blog to comment about a product that they liked from the sponsor’s site. Greg reports that they do this to build traffic for the sponsor and hopefully increase their sales.

To get extra entries, they ask for the following from entrants:

  1. Write a post about the current giveaway on entrant’s blog and then comment with the link at Mommy Daddy Blog.
  2. Place a button from Mommy Daddy Blog in the entrant’s blog sidebar.
  3. Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter (Follow Mommy Daddy Blog here). Then comment at Mommy Daddy Blog with the direct link to the Tweet. They include instructions on how to link to a Twitter comment.
  4. Subscribe to receive updates of future happenings at Mommy Daddy Blog. Then comment at Mommy Daddy Blog that they have done this.

Greg says that the opportunity to enter the contest multiple times accomplishes much. “Word gets out about the giveaway, more people get a chance to win, more buzz is generated for the sponsors, and we receive more traffic and that could possibly convert into more readers.” He states the people who really want to win the product will take the additional steps so that they have a better chance of winning. “I’m the exact same way,” he says. “If running naked up and down every aisle at Walmart guaranteed me a better chance of winning a million dollars, I’d do it!”

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