What is a Blog Tour?

Thanks for asking!

Before you tag yourself as a “moron” (I have had some people say that), understand that Blog Tours are a marketing technique that have only become popular in the past few years. And for a long time, they were publicized little as Marketing Companies, Publicists and Publishers don’t always like to announce them (you will understand why as I define it). So don’t feel badly if you don’t know what a Blog Tour is.

Let me help clear it up. A Blog Tour is a marketing tool to get massive mentions/reviews of a book or product on multiple blogs within a certain time period. For a long time, Blog Tours were used with only books but my company has been part of the effort to also tour products. Why? Because they work. We have also toured people and, believe it or not, other blogs.

Studies show that the majority of people buy more based on recommendations from their family/friends/neighbors versus any other advertising technique. They don’t like to be “sold” to and they don’t necessarily believe a company that pitches it’s own product. So they are more likely to purchase when one of their fave bloggers recommends a product to them. And yes, each blogger does try out the product before posting honestly about their experience.

Blog Tours also work the search engines to your advantage if your company is pitching a product. The appearance of your product on multiple sites as opposed to one or two immediately begins to build trust in the consumer’s mind when they search for your product. And media is more likely to pick it up for additional press coverage because the product is obviously meeting a consumer need.

My company has added Virtual Blog Tours to our services in addition to Blog Tours. Virtual Blog Tours work much the same way, but they also include virtual components such as podcasts and live author chats.

I hope that this helps clear up the question. But if not, feel free to comment and I will answer.

8 thoughts on “What is a Blog Tour?

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  2. How does one learn more? How does one find host blogs? Or is that what you handle?

    Thanks for the definitions. I only encountered the term Blog Tour for the first time about 10 minutes ago. But it makes good sense in the e-world.


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