7 Ways to Gain Followers on Twitter

juliehead2-500Recently, a Twitter friend emailed me to ask how I get so many followers. “I’ve been watching for some time,” he said. “It’s very consistent. How do you do it?”

I hadn’t really thought of it before but since he wanted me put on my thinking cap, I did so and came up with a list. And of course, told him that I don’t really have a specific way to track each method.

  1. When starting out on Twitter (about 2 months ago), I used the People Search function to find commonalities in bio’s. For instance, I looked for “writers”, “editors”, “marketing”, “public relations”, “bloggers” and “northwest” (where I am from). I followed those I found in those categories that interested me. About 30% of them followed me back.
  2. I watched other people publicly thank their new followers and noticed that it seemed to bring them more. Indeed, when I started thanking followers by name, my followers doubled.
  3. I interact. This is very essential in social marketing. I am sorry-but you will not see a lot of success by 1) just using the system to post each time you have a new blog post or 2) by popping in a couple times a day and listing only “what you are doing in 140 characters or less”. BORING! The best success comes with interacting with others-and often being chatty. Yes, this also means including some personal information as well as professional and being sympathetic to other people.
  4. Using humor in my posts seems to increase my followers.
  5. Like with many other areas in my professional and personal life, I try to be a resource. Each time I log on, I check back 3-4 pages and if there are questions or concerns that I can answer, I do so.
  6. Tonight I am actually drawing names from those who reply to me for a prize. I’ve never done this before but I was in the mood to experiment and will let you know how it goes.
  7. Just like in real life, caring for others on Twitter is important. People will respond to authentic, real emotion and feeling and they will relate to you when you show that you truly care about them.

Does it work? Well, yes. Over half of my website hits each month now come from Twitter. I just signed a client from Twitter and I have taken on two new paying blogging gigs that should also have great exposure opportunity. And that, my friends, is all because of Tweets.

19 thoughts on “7 Ways to Gain Followers on Twitter

  1. I just wanted to add that since this post, I have learned another valuable way to gain followers: participate in chats on Twitter. You can find chats by looking for the hashtags in posts (for instance, #journchat). When you participate in chats (highly recommend you use http://www.tweetchat.com if participating in real-time), people will follow you as you have similar interests. I find many good people to follow this way and gain 30-50 followers when I participate in chats.

  2. Great post! Twitter is essential for those who want to network and build relationships. Whether it’s news feeds and leads or real-time ‘business chats’ – you can’t beat it. As cyber-media, it’s instantaneous and is a constant source of information if you’re tapped into the right news feeds. Get connected with the right followers and leads, and it’s a powerhouse marketing and networking tool. (I’m still working on this, and will work with your tips listed here!). Sometimes I add organizations simply as ‘news feeds’ – not as ‘reciprocals – everyone has different reasons. There are some who want to follow you just so they can sell you something. As you said – there is a relationship involved, you have to show that you care about people. Personally, I enjoy being one of your ‘followers’ on Twitter, as well as the chats that we’ve had on various topics. I’ve gained a few followers, and I’ve followed a few people from watching your people also 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  3. I am known for following back on Twitter. I like to interact with people who are interested enough in me, my art and e books to follow me. That I follow has brought me a lot of followers.

    Granted, some people follow me thinking they will get an easy follow and then drop me, but @tless informs me of this. It hasn’t been much of a hassle.
    Twitter gets rid of spammers quickly.

    So, I would add following followers as a way to increase one’s reach.

    Plus, I find I learn so much more through a largher community!

    Thanks for the post.

    Judy Rey Wasserman


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  5. Great article Julie. I just followed you on Twitter. I believe I have a 33% chance of getting followed back, so that’s pretty good odds. 🙂

    I too have only been on #Twitter for 2 months, and have found a good way of getting followed is to use #hashtags in your tweets. I use them all the time and regularly get new followers who are searching for what I’m tweeting about.

  6. Julie, nice post _ I just saw it tweeted out today…in April 09. much of it is still very ture. We “met” on twitter probably because of the #journchat event.

    If you participate in a twitter chat, and ask or answer good questions with good info, you will almost always come away with new followers, and if you pick your chat’s right – they are the type of followers interested in what you are into. I now use http://tweetgrid.com in party mode for chats – just remember to use the search and stop buttons to contrll the flow of tweets you see in the chat.

    Your tip number one is a great way to start, and probably not something most folks think to do until later, but it’s a great 1st step. They probably search other networks for friends who are on Twitter.

  7. Great post. I am still navigating the waters of Twitter and figuring out how best to use it as a resource. I’ve been using now about 2 weeks (geez…that sounds like I’m a drug addict) and it’s slowly growing on me. I’m curious: you mention that being social should be a high priority when growing your presence on social networks, but how do you really “follow” 5000 users? I mean, you must see posts every few seconds. I know I leave my Twettie app running in the background and I can’t get through all the tweets that come through if I happen to be away from my desk for a couple of hours…and I only have about 70 people I’m following!

    Well, thanks for the post and the insight…definitely valuable information for people to know!

  8. Hey Mariano-Thanks for reading and posting a question. I don’t get through all the tweets with almost 6,000 followers. I wish that I could. I often will go and check on specific friend’s tweets because they have been lost in my stream. Usually, I check back 3-4 pages each time that I log onto Twitter and respond to what I can. Of course, I check all tweets with @juliebonnheath in them and DM’s so that I can respond to requests specifically for me. I don’t think that the definition of “follow” actually needs to mean “read all your tweets”, especially for someone who follows me. If you haven’t noticed, I tweet far too much. LOL. Hope that helps.

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